Translation for museums

This speciality encompasses all texts you might find in museums, galleries, cultural institutions and other spaces that host exhibitions or similar events. Among the types of texts that fall under the umbrella of museum translation are catalogues, text panels, labels, audiovisual materials, interactive installations, technical data sheets and information leaflets. Of course, they can be about any topic, from medieval art to the technology of the future.

Various skills are required to provide high-quality translations for museums. First of all, the translator needs to master different writing styles. Translating museum labels, which usually include technical details presented concisely, is a very different task to translating an essay by an exhibition curator for a catalogue, for instance. In the first case, precision and thoroughness are key, so that all labels are consistent in terms of both format and terminology, while in the second, a flair for writing will ensure that the curator’s perspective is expressed in a way that reflects their expertise.

Apart from style, museum translation calls for in-depth knowledge of the culture of the source text and an ability to conduct exhaustive research, so that the translator fully grasps the specific topics covered in the exhibition and can transfer the information properly into the target language. But that alone is not enough: the information must be adapted to suit a reader who may not be familiar with the cultural context surrounding the exhibits or artworks. For this reason, some extra explanations must be provided to guarantee comprehension of all the content. At the same time, the translator must consider the text’s specific audience and use an appropriate style (e.g. in the case of an exhibition for young people or materials for experts).

Through years of offering museum translation services into English from Catalan, Spanish and French, I’ve honed these skills and accumulated the experience necessary to provide excellent translations in this field. I’ve translated the exhibition at MUHBA Vil·la Joana (Verdaguer House of Literature), various texts for Barcelona Gallery Weekend and leaflets for an exhibition at Estació del Nord in Valencia, among many other projects.

If you’re looking for a translator who specialises in translations for museums into English from Catalan, Spanish or French, please get in touch for more information or to request a quote.


Academic translation

This field covers the translation of all kinds of texts in the sphere of academia, such as journal articles, theses, books, research reports and many more, either for institutions or for individuals. As a result, the range of subjects it can include is vast, perhaps even infinite: the text can be from any discipline and talk about any phenomenon that can be studied.

Herein lies the importance of specialisation in order to produce an excellent academic translation. For instance, it is almost impossible for a professional translator to go from translating a thesis about artistic representations of a fifteenth-century saint one day to working on an article on a new neuroscientific discovery the next. The translator needs a certain amount of experience in a field to be able to produce a text in the target language that follows the appropriate conventions and uses the right vocabulary.

Research skills are also key for this type of translation. Academic texts tend to discuss very specific subjects and often contain highly specialist terminology. Because of this, translators need to know where to look for the information they need to translate them properly. When translating, knowing your way around various specialist dictionaries and reference works on similar subjects in the target language (English, in my case) is fundamental. This ability goes hand in hand with close collaboration with clients: as experts, they can shed light on complex concepts and clear up any queries that come up during the translation process.

All of this is key in my work: the expertise offered by the original text’s author combines with my talent for expressing ideas accurately in English while adapting the style to the potential reader, and the result is a high-quality academic translation. The projects I’ve completed in the field of academic translation include this article by Òscar Calvé Mascarell, various texts on the history of transport for Càtedra Demetrio Ribes (University of Valencia) and articles on gender-related violence for researchers at Rovira i Virgili University.

If you’re looking for an academic translation into English (from Catalan, Spanish or French) in the area of arts and humanities, please get in touch with me through the contact page to request more information or a no-obligation quote.

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Translation for publication

This area of translation includes any text – literary or otherwise – that is to be published on paper or digitally (books, magazines, blog articles, etc.); it can therefore cover all sorts of subjects. I offer this service to publishers, individuals (who wish to self-publish) and any organisations or institutions seeking to publish a text.

Producing a translation of a high enough quality to be published that expresses the author’s tone, style and voice in the target language requires both excellent comprehension skills in the source language and mastery of writing in the target language. On top of that, the permanent nature of published texts calls for attention to detail, so that the final translation is flawless. Something else to remember in this sector is that deadlines are usually tight, because of the various stages the text has to go through (proofreading, layout, printing, etc.), which makes organisation skills essential so that the translations are on time and don’t cause any delays in the publication process.

These are qualities I have honed in my work in this area, especially in the translation of non-fiction texts. The translations I’ve produced for publication include non-fiction children’s books for the publishing services company Alababalà and articles published on the blog of French NGO Action contre la Faim. I’ve also translated interviews with gallery directors and artists for Site-Specific Conversation, an online publishing project revolving around artistic production. Finally, alongside another translator, I worked on Days That Will Last for Years, a photography book by Jordi Borràs published by Ara Llibres.

If you need someone to translate a non-literary or non-fiction text for publication in the area of arts and humanities into English (from Catalan, Spanish or French), please get in touch with me through the contact page to request more information or a no-obligation quote.

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Language combinations

Thanks to my love of languages and the time I’ve spent in different countries, I’ve developed an excellent command of Catalan, Spanish and French. I offer translation services from these languages into my mother tongue, English.

Catalan to English Translation

I’ve always loved learning languages, but I really fell in love with Catalan. That’s why I’ve chosen Catalonia to be ‘home’. I’ve lived in Barcelona for many years now, and the fact that I use Catalan every day combined with a passion for Catalan culture and history puts me in an ideal position to offer translations from this language into English. On top of that, I’ve had my linguistic knowledge certified by passing the C1 Catalan language exam organised by the Catalan government.

Spanish to English Translation

While studying for a degree in French and Spanish at Cardiff University, I was able to develop an interest that stretches back to my childhood: specifically, to family holidays in Spain, where I remember retaining a few basic Spanish words. My studies allowed me both to perfect my Spanish language skills and to delve deeper into various aspects of the cultures and societies of the Spanish-speaking world. I’ve expanded this knowledge through an Erasmus semester in Valencia, years of experience translating from Spanish and daily interactions in Spanish here in Barcelona.

French to English Translation

I’ve achieved an excellent command of the French language and in-depth knowledge of French culture and society through years of studies (BA French and Spanish from Cardiff University, First Class Honours), an Erasmus semester in Nantes and regular contact with the Francophone world. This contact is the product of regular trips to France, a keen interest in news from the country and all the research I’ve done to translate texts from French to English throughout my career.

If you’re looking for a professional translator who translates from Catalan, Spanish or French to English, don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information or a no-obligation quote.


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